How To Feel Grounded Everyday

Grounding allows you to be fully present, aware and conscious in your physical body so that we can actually experience life, here on Earth.

You, as a soul are here in a physical body.  You didn't come to Earth with the intention of trying to escape to another place, maybe non-physical.  

You came here to understand that your are truly amazing to have brought your soul in this vessel of a body to CREATE on Earth. To experience your mastery in this form. That requires you to show up and be present.

Grounding is very much about connecting with Earth. Understand that you resonate with this frequency and are linked here.

You can use the resources of Earth to nourish and fill yourself up. And also release excess energies within our bodies, back to Earth.  

Being grounded, means gaining a deeper understanding that you are physical and spiritual.

GROUND (2).png

There are many tools you can use to feel grounded.  

My favorite is using the crystal Smokey Quartz.  

Smokey Quartz is a crystal that will allow you to feel into the energy of being grounded.  It is made deep within Earth where it has been exposed to a natural source of radiation. That is why the stones carries a smokey brown color. This frequency allows one to connect and attune to the Earth's vibration.

This stone works with us through the Earth Star Chakra which is about 6" below your feet. This is known as a higher chakra which allows us to create a deeper connection to our Soul, Higher Self, I AM presence.

And it also works with us through our Root Chakra, located at the base of your spine.  This chakra resonates with survival, physical security + needs.  

You can use Smokey Quartz to help open and balance these two chakras and feel grounded and connected in your physical body.


Essential Oils can also offer support to feeling grounded.


Grounding oils are usually associated with trees because they are always present in the now moment and deeply rooted + grounded within Earth.

These 3 oils are my favorite to use as a grounding tool or to help me get very present, feel inner strength + stability.

Grounding Blend (Balance): This is a blended oil. Invokes feelings of tranquility + balance. Promotes a whole body sense of relaxation. This is known as the oil of grounding. It allows on to reconnect with their roots. Great for those who seek to escape from life through disconnection + disassociation. It will help one to stay focused on their goal until it is actualized into the physical reality.

FRANKINCENSE: The oil used + documented in ancient times. It has soothing properties. Known for extensive health benefits. Promotes relaxation + balanced mood. Emotionally it is known as the oil of truth. It has the ability to help us reveal deceptions + false truths. It reminds us that we are loved + protected and how to stand tall in our truth of Self.

VETIVER: Not a tree but a grass. Is rich in sesquiterpenes (chemical compound), which gives it a grounding effect. It has a grounding effect on emotions. Emotionally its is known as the oil of centering + descent. Allows you to feel more rooted in life. Assists one in deeply connecting to what they feel + think. It is great in all kinds of self awareness work. Centers one in their true self + guides them to the root of their emotional pain. It will help one find relief but not through avoidance. Relief comes when one can travel within + meet the core of their emotional issues. It opens the door to light + recovery through the downward, inward journey!  <3

To use any of these 3 oils, you can diffuse them or put a drop with carrier oil onto your feet or hands and breathe in the oil. I also will take some and place it on the back of the neck and on wrists.

When using them, I suggest journaling. Write down how you are feeling + why you are choosing to use this oil and then go about your day noticing how you feel. Have you felt more grounded? What experiences have show up for you to notice yourself or others being grounded?


There are so many other ways to feel grounded:

  • Walking outside barefoot
  • Eating
  • Energetically growing tree roots from your legs down to the crystalline core of Gaia
  • Drinking water
  • Feeling into your body
  • Exercise/movement
  • Gardening
  • etc.

I would love to hear if you use grounded techniques as a part of your daily lifestyle?  Leave me a comment below.  

If not, I encourage you to give some of these tools and techniques a try and see how your day/life may shift.  Then feel free to come back and share your experiences!

Four Aspects To Healthy Living


Living Healing is not just about the food you eat.  It is about a whole living approach to YOU.  You are more than just a body.  You are a soul, an energetic being who lives in a physical body.  You are also someone who is very much affected by the energy of everything around you.  

So when I talk about living healthy, I am actually talking about understanding and balancing these four aspects of yourself:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

When you can begin to understand these aspects and how they are currently relating to you, you can begin to understand how to get yourself back to a place of feeling healthy, confident, energized and balanced.  

Let's explore these 4 aspects of yourself a bit more as they relate to living a healthy + inspired life.



This is your physical body.

How are you taking care of your physical body?

What does your nutrition look like? Are you eating foods that fuel you? Are you hydrating self?  Do you add movement in your daily plan? Are you getting enough sleep or rest? Are you listening to what your body is telling you?

Your physical vessel is all that you have in this lifetime.  It essentially needs  to be a priority to take care of + give it what it needs to run at optimal levels.

Dis-ease is very important and shows up in your physical body as a huge sign that something needs to change.  Usually the dis-ease is related to one of the other aspects of self; example emotions, lack of spiritual connection, a belief system that doesn't serve your highest





The mental aspect of self is your mind.

What you think, your belief systems, how you function from that perspective.  This is one of the most challenging aspects.  It can propel you into greatness or it can hold you in the darkest of places.

Be mindful of what you are telling yourself on a day to day basis.  Awareness is the first step to shifting your mindset.  Your mind is a projection of your vibration and it creates and connects with energies of the same frequency.  Saying things or believing things that are not holding you in a space you desire to be, will only keep you stuck.

Learning to cultivate and shift your mindset to one of abundance, not necessary meaning money but abundance in all life and gratitude, you will begin to shift that energy vibration and create the flow that you desire to live from.





Emotions are our ability to experience life.  It is our feeling level.   Emotions are meant to be expressed and felt and are not mean to be pushed down into our physical vessel and not looked at.

This is a huge topic because for so long, we were taught to not expressed how we feel.  Many people were also told that you can't feel a certain way.  Our emotions have been so manipulated in past years and even lifetimes that this aspect of our self may need a lot of attention.

Expressing how you feel is so important.  It is OK to feel angry and upset.  It is how you deal with your emotions that takes real mastery.  Understanding why things make you feel this way is an opening up to who you are and where you may need additional healing and support.

You are not meant to suppress your feeling or emotions and always be "happy!"  Take time to really look at how you feel.  

Are you expressing your emotions or suppressing them?  What are they really sharing with you?  You may have some deep internal healing and forgiveness work that will help you work with your emotional self to bring it back into balance.





This is your soul self.  The energetic essence of who you truly are.

This is one aspect that many people don't include when it comes to feeling healthy and whole. How are you connecting with your intuitive self and the Universe?

Do you trust in a connection of all around you?  Do you see that everything in life flow in a synchronistic manner?  Do you connect with your soul and guidance team on a regular basis, through meditation, automatic writing, oracle reading, etc.

This aspect takes trust of self and opening up to a world that may be unseen to many but felt, heard or just have an inner knowing.  You are never alone.  You are a divine spark of Source and you work in flow of this connection with the Universe.



Begin to look at these four aspects and see where you may be lacking or holding yourself back.  Start to dive deeper into them and ask how you can bring them back into balance for yourself.  When you do, you will see your well being and life take on a whole new experience.

If you feel this article is of benefit, I truly appreciate the share! 🌟

How I Faced Fear On Our Road Trip

A few weeks ago we set out on a family road trip and I ended up facing my worst fear.  

My family and I live in Colorado and the moment we have an opportunity to explore this state we do!  We hope in the car and off we go!  

cliff (4).png

This road trip was a bit different as we had a destination to Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  

What we didn't have was a plan of what to do in between the time we left our home till we got to our destination.  I think that was the most fun.  

We ended up driving from Denver all the way East to Grand Junction.  

I pulled out my most favorite app: Maps and started looking for fun things to do along the way.

Our first stop was Doc Holliday's gravesite in Glenwood Springs.  It was a great little hike all the way up the mountain to the grave site.  

Then we were off to Grand Junction.  The scenery was so beautiful  =

 Again, I pulled out my favorite app, Maps on my phone.

I found something that was calling to me,  Colorado National Monument Park in Fruita, CO.  The website images were breathtaking.  So we decided to go.

We got to the National Park and started driving up this beautiful windy road.  I was riding in the passenger seat and at some point we were winding around, I looked out the window and froze.  We were literally driving right on the side of the cliff.  


Thankful that my husband, who was driving is a great driver and not afraid of heights like I AM.

I don't really know where I got this fear from but as I got older and became a mom, this fear of falling or slipping and falling from extreme heights has set into my body.

As we continue the drive along the edge of the cliffs, I was gripping the grab handles of the car for dear life and leaning in the opposite direction.  My breath got extremely heavy and I was getting really hot.  

It is amazing how we react to situations, even when we are clearly very safe.  I started to look at this fear in a different way, when my husband said to me, "What is going to happen?  If you fall, you die."  I know, pretty blunt but he was right.  

I realized that my mind followed by my body, goes straight to pain.  Feeling the impact as if someone or myself were to fall over the cliff.  I go straight to empathy, as if it is happening to me. 

Why do we do that? Why do we choose to feel into this situations that way?  


So I thought,  OK.  We are here.  How can I allow myself to really enjoy this experience and release some of the fear?  My life wasn't in danger and this experience was something I was doing more to myself, than the other way around.  

I think it is important to listen to the fear and not ignore it.  Sometimes we feel fear because it is for our own safety.  If that is the case, then you need to follow that instinct and respond accordingly.  Listening to fear is the key to understanding it and doing what is appropriate.

In my experience, I was safe and creating a lot of unnecessary fear through my mind.   

My next thought was I need some energy tools to help me feel grounded and bring me back to the present moment.    

cedarwood + black tourmaline.png

I opened the bottle of cedarwood essential oil and took a few deep breathes in.  Allowing my body to calm down and relax.  I then put a few drops on my wrists and the back of my neck.  

Cedarwood essential oil is known for its rich hue and warm, woody scent that is grounding.  When used aromatically, it can relax and soothe the body and mind.  

I also brought with me a black tourmaline crystal.  One of my favorite grounding stones.  Its properties are that of a protection stone. Deflecting and transforming dense, heavy energies.  It also works to dispel fears and helps to balance your emotions.  I carried this stone with me in my pocket.  


What I noticed was that I found more ease as we drove alongside the cliffs.  I was able to feel safe and see the beauty in the environment and the experience.  

I also kept my distance when I felt the need to.  I was able to walk over a narrow cliff, without railings that stretched to a fenced in overhang.  I was very proud of myself! 


The next day we went to the Black Canyons of the Gunnison, which wasn't much different than our trip to the Colorado National Monument Park.  High canyons with large drop offs!  We enjoyed the views and the experience very much.


Overall, if you are faced with fear.  Listen to it.  Take the appropriate action, if you need to get away or determine if you can move past it.  The more you listen from within and move past the mental fear, the more you gain trust with yourself and are able to truly experience your life.  

I would love to hear from you.  Have you experienced fear like I have and how were you able to move through it?

How To Use Essential Oils


Essential oils are distilled aroma compounds of plants.  They have been used for thousands of years for health benefits, emotional aromatherapy support and even sacred practices.  

I like to use essential oils for emotional & spiritual support, healthy living, mood management, clearing my space and as an alternative health care for my family.  

How To Use Essential Oils

There are 3 ways that you can use and add essential oils into your everyday life.


Essential Oils, when diffused or inhaled, can be very stimulating, calming, or soothing. Diffusing Essential Oils can also cleanse and purify the air.

Aromatic uses include:

  • Using a diffuser 
  • Place a drop in the palm of your hand, cup your hands and inhale through your nose
  • Apply oil to a cotton ball and place in the air vents of your vehicle
  • Mix oils in a spray bottle with water and mist over furniture, carpet, or linens
  • Add oil to a batch of laundry or to dryer sheets
  • Use in household surface cleaners



  • Their chemical structures enables them to pass through skin for an immediate systemic response

Apply topically on areas of the body like neck, forehead, temples, wrists, bottom of the feet.

For sensitive skin and children, dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil.



  • Certain Essential Oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements for targeted wellness

If it is safe for internal consumption, the bottle label will clearly state that it is intended for internal use. Once you check for the label you can add 1 drop in water or even a smoothie. Add a drop to your food dishes. Be careful a drop of oil goes a long way. You can also use essential oils in veggie capsules. 


I only use and recommend dōTERRA because of their purity and potency.  

They are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).  Every batch of essential oils are rigorously tested by third party sources to ensure the potency, purity of the oil without fillers, pesticides and foreign contaminants.  

They are also harvested and distilled through indigenous Co-Impact Sourcing.  Creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas. This benefits not only our suppliers but has a direct impact in their communities as well.

You can read more about Cō-Impact Sourcing® by checking out this or this page.


Essential oils are amazing.  I would love to hear if you are using them along your favorite way to use them.  Leave me a comment below.

Are You Taking Personal Responsibility For Your Life?

Have you ever took an inner look at what you were feeling, what was happening around you and how you react to it?  

For instance, when mercury retrograde comes along, do you find that your whole world gets turned upside down?  

What about your every day life? Are you sitting back, waiting for a sign or something to tell you what to do?  

Many times, when people step into their spiritual journey, they love the idea of guides, angels, their higher selves working with them and unfortunately, they give all their power over to them or to external resources to guide them in this life.  

What I have learned so far in this lifetime is that you are not here to live for them.  You came here to live for yourself.  To follow your heart's desires and go after what you truly desire to create. 

Are you doing that?  Are you taking personal responsibility for your life?

I wasn't for a long time.  I always felt like I was waiting for something.  External factors dictated my life, how I felt and what I did.  I boxed myself in and shut off my dreams and desires because I didn't think it was OK to have them.  I let my emotions take over my day and even weeks.  

Until one day, I woke up and realized that I AM in charge. {This is a REminder I share with myself every day!} 


I AM ready to step up and create my life in a way that feels amazing, happy, joyful and connected.  

I set goals!  Yes, goals.  Something that I let go of on my spiritual journey because somewhere I had the belief that they are not spiritual and not part of this journey we are here to do.  Every day I do something to move towards those goals.  

I also realized that if I don't show up for myself, and do what I desire to do from within my heart, no one will.  What kind of example is that for my kids?    

It takes courage and commitment to show up for yourself.  To do what you really want to do and move past all your fears.  

What kind of life are you living for yourself now?  Are you showing up for yourself everyday to create what you want?  Or are you letting life dictate how you feel and what you do?  Leave me a comment below.

It is totally up to you.  But what I truly believe in my heart is that you are here to CREATE.  You are fully supported.  It takes a desire from within to be you and go after your life that you want.  I believe in YOU!

Why Should I Work With Crystals?


Crystals are beautiful, perfected geometric structures that come from within Earth.  They have been used in healing, spiritual and holistic practices for thousands of years by many different cultures for their energetic properties to affect the body, mind and spirit.  

Because of the way the crystals are formed and their stable perfected geometry, they each carry their own unique, strong, energetic vibration.  

As a HUman, you are an energetic being that also has crystalline structures within your body.  Through entrainment and resonance, crystals have the ability to bring your body back into a balanced state.  

Why Should I Work With Crystals?

  • They help you bring your body back into an energetic balance - thoughts and emotions are energetic.  When you hold onto them, especially when they are negative thoughts or anger that you can't seem to let go of, these lower energetic vibrations create an imbalance within your body and you can experience a break down within your bodies and even dis-ease within yourself.


  • Crystal are our energy teachers - they can teach you how to feel, sense and even see the energy of yourself and of them.  They allow you to open up to this amazing part of you.


  • The qualities of crystals are also the qualities that you have within you - especially if you are being lead to work with a particular crystal, look at what that crystal means.  What is it sharing within you?  It may lead you to gaining more of who you truly are.


  • Crystals help you tap into your higher self allowing you to feel fully supported

By being to work with crystals or even having them in your environment allows you to open yourself up to energy, your understanding of how to work with energy and create energetic shifts.  They are an important tools and teachers to have with you, that will support you in living a healthy and inspired life.  

Are you working with crystals?  Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear from you.


Essential Oils For Empowered Living

Essential oils have been around for thousands of years.  They have been used widely in this time for health, cosmetic and even religious purposes.  

Today more and more people are realizing the power of essential oils and how they can support a healthy lifestyle.

Essential oils are essentially the immune system of the plant.  They are the natural aromatic compounds that are found in seeds, bark, rind and even the leaves of a plant.  

Everything that keeps a plant healthy and thriving.  These compounds are extracted, distilled and placed in little bottles to support our own emotional and physical wellness.    

Isn't nature amazing?  We benefit from using essential oils because our cells are made similar to that of nature.  

The aroma of essential oils alone has the ability to interact with the olfactory receptors (smell) in the nose. They have profound effects on your emotions through the limbic system. 

Applying essential oils to the skin is also very beneficial.  Their chemical structures enables them to pass through skin for an immediate systemic response.

Essential oils have the ability to support your lifestyle in a way that empowers yourself.  To support your immune system.  To uplift your mood.  All opportunities to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself.  

If you would like to learn more about essential oils and how they can empower your living, join our free upcoming Introduction to Essential Oils Facebook class.   

It is taking place July 11 @ 6pm Mountain time.  RSVP! I hope to see you there!

How To Stay Motivated To Go After Your Desires


You have desires and dreams.  You want to create and live a life that feels true to who you are.  

You want to be happy and feel like you are accomplishing something great in the world.  

How do I know this?  

Because I desire it do.  

This is something that you feel deep within your heart.  You desires and dreams are specifically unique to you.  

Not everybody wants the same things.  That is what makes this human experience so amazing.  

This life can very easily distract you from create something that you truly desire.  


How can you stay motivated to go after what you desire?


1.  Be clear about what you desire to create - Set a desired goal, then create stepping stones to reaching that desired goal.  

For example, you really want to create a lifestyle that supports yourself and your family.  You need to break this down into easy steps that will move your forward.  Really think about what it will take you to go from where you are, to where you want to be.  Then feel in the middle section with small stepping stones (or action steps) that will get you to your true desired goal.


2.  Define your WHY - WHY are you wanting to do this?  Get specific, feel into what this would do for you when you achieve your desires.  This is your MOTIVATION that will move you forward.  I encourage you to review this WHY daily with feeling and vision.


3.  Create a support system - doing things by yourself is no fun and as you might already know, slow you down.  Why not create your own support system.  

Find a few people that you connect with who also want to create motivation and support in their life to move forward on their own desires.  Set up weekly connection times so that you can hold each other accountable.  Support each other to move past the challenges you face with moving forward.  Of course, celebrate the successes you all have along the way.


4.  Create your environment to support your desires and goals -  I like to have images around me that uplift me and remind me about what I am doing.  Crystal and essential oils are great tools to create a calming and uplifting space so that you can stay focused on your desired task.  


5.  Take daily action to move you forward - Everyday take a look at what you need to do, from step 1 above, to move you closer to your desires and  ...... wait for it ....... DO IT!  How many times do you get side tracked or stuck because something you need to do is too much for you.  

If it becomes too overwhelming, feel into the energy and ask yourself, "What can I do to not make this so overwhelming?"  Then do that.  

What you don't want to do is push off your daily task for months and years down the road.  You will just be upset about yourself and think wow...if I just did that one thing (and not try to hide from it) I would have been so far ahead right now.


6.  Give yourself some love - Your desires are yours for a reason.  They most likely won't manifest in a few hours or a few days.  It takes time to turn your life around to the way you truly desire to live it.  Be gently on yourself and love yourself through this whole process.  Love moves mountains.  Hate, anger, frustration only slows you down, sometimes forever.  


You truly are an amazing light, here to CREATE all that you desire.  Dig deep from within and take the necessary steps you need to to get there!  

Everyone is cheering you on!!


I would love to hear what your biggest desire to create is and if you need support, let us know.  Leave me a comment below!